The appearance of a building says a lot. When attention is paid to the small details, the big picture always looks good. Paragon Maintenance has the attention to detail - inside and out. We'll check the exterior for loose materials such as flashing, siding and roofing. Early damage or missing floor coverings, chipped or damaged paint and other small details that deteriorate the appearance of your building.


The many operating systems that keep your building working need regular inspections. We'll check and replace faulty lighting and electrical outlets, perform regular testing of fire, electrical security systems and examine heating and cooling systems. We'll take care of minor adjustments and repairs and we'll arrange for specialized technicians if major repairs are needed.


Need a shelf installed? Want a work area moved or changed? At Paragon the small jobs are important too. When you have something that needs to be done, chances are we can do it. We pride ourselves in being flexible and resourceful - we'll find the best sources for materials, get what's required, and get the job done.

Paragon Maintenance makes great business sense, One call to us and you can be assured that your priority is ours too. See what a difference we can make to your bottom line.


We'll work with you to set up an inspection an maintenance schedule that makes sense for your property, and you'll always be assured that we're on top of minor problems before they become major issues that end up costing you money! We'll change lights, do touch-up painting, maintain safe and quiet operations of all equipment and fixtures, and ensure that all esthetic operational and safety issues are addressed.

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